10th Anniversary from Vegas

In July 27-29th, we celebrate our 10th Anniversary live from Vegas, so tell your friend to tell their friends to tune in. We spin, reggae, hip-hop, house, drum n bass, rnb and many more. We try to stay away from commercial music as much as we can. If you hear it on the radio, we most likely won't spin it unless we have a dope remix.

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About Worldofdjs

Worldofdjs was created by MadSounds in Feburary 2008, the station went live in July of that same year. We started out with 5 dj's spinning regularly and in no time we had over 25 djs spinning 24/7. We have been thru many changes throughout the years but continue to push on. Our current status is spinning on our own independent server, so click listen/chat for the action .

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Spinning on worldofjs

If you would like to spin on worldofdjs, you must have: Good internet access, A Webcam, Microphone, Good computer for streaming and your set up should be in good presentation.

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